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Hi! I'm Suzanne
I aspire to help caregivers who are feeling rundown, overstressed and needing help.

I believe that my own background, including my struggles as a caregiver will encourage them to seek empowering techniques for relief

I serve them by giving them the tools to benefit the mind, body, and spirit.

I combine my experience as a caregiver as well as my expertise of 40 years in the fields of fitness, dance, meditation, massage and yoga.

Of great importance, is my willingness to be of service on an individual basis, to each and every client, helping each achieve their goals.

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A Little More About Me

It was almost unbelievable how much I changed after the twins were born.  My son Steven had been born with multiple disabilities and needed constant attention.  


I never could relax as he might have another seizure or find something to choke on, or or or.  The list goes on. I became an empty shell of who I'd been.  I was irritable, unmotivated, anxious and depressed. I had been given medications, but they were not effective.  


Steven loves to go for rides in the car, as it settles him down.  We drove for a while, when I realized we were lost.  Not only that, I don't remember getting there.  We made it back alright but I was distressed as to my memory loss.  I felt like a bad mother that was struggling with just about everything.  And then the guilt.  Always the guilt that I'm not good enough.  Other people can do this without unraveling.  Can't they?


Several friends guided me to explore guided meditation and deep relaxation to help me to sleep.

Then I added cardio dance to my early morning routine. I really began to get my strength and energy levels up.  I added in affirmation and breathwork and eventually developed a calmer attitude.  I explored different meditation techniques and knew that all the different modalities were effective and reliable and I NEEDED to continue down this path.


The thought of other caregivers suffering in silence while they give so selflessly to others makes me so sad.  I know I can be of help with my BeWellBeHappy course.  I've created mini videos which are a great way to start the journey.  In the future I'll be teaching longer and more thorough classes.  For now please try this course which has modules to embrace your mind/body/spirit journey to wellness.

Revitalize your body, mind, and spirit
while caregiving 
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