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BeWell BeHappy Course

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Join me to destress, shift out of negativity and develop into a happier and more resilient self. This course combines cardio dance, strength training, yoga and meditation. We will analyze our thought patterns and delete those that are self destructive. We can use positive affirmations to reprogram our shelf talk. As caregivers we can so easily get run down and not take care of ourselves. We have forgotten and devalued ourselves! It took me years to discover the technics that worked for me. I want to help you learn from me and to apply these skills into your life. Caregivers are amazing and they need care too! Join me for BeWellBeHappy! Let's learn to ride the waves of life together! This course is a multi-dimensional, mini and varied program that addresses their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. The mini-class format will NOT over whelm the caregiver. Making it more feasible to incorporate a class at any time during the day.

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